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Ben Yorston

Ben Yorston DJing

Ben Yorston 25, Pioneer off Party Hire Christchurch started out Djing in 2012 when he, B-block boyz, Jonty Homles and Ryan o'rurke were part of the Cube/ball afterparty scene touring around Canterbury every weekend, every winter til 2015.

Yorston specialises in Trap & Bass. He also steps foot into Hardcore, Hardsytle, and Euro Trance. 

In recent times while still playing trap music in his own time he is now focused on mainstream music & school events.

Ben Yorston at the Tannery
Ben Yorston STAC Ball


Good For:


-  Mainstream music

-  Trap & bass 

-  Hyping up the crowd

-  School Balls

-  School Discos

-  House Parties

Uni Events

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