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Mega Muteki

Mega Muteki



  • For use with phones/laptops
  • 1x Upto 80 people
  • 2x Upto 200 peope
  • DNB approved
  • Bluetooth
  • Easy 1 minute setup
  • Extra bass option button
  • Plug in a microphone
  • Fits in any car
  • Requires 1x wall plug outlet



Standing at 170cm tall this speaker is the perfect speaker system for your indoor party! Easily available to connect your bluetooth device or even sign into your spotfify account direcetly through the screen built into the speaker! Although the speaker is 170cm tall it can be broken into 2 parts for transport. The speaker features alot of powerful bass and also has effect lighting that projects light patterns our the back of the speaker onto the wall in your home.


The bass has 2 different levels of volume, Bass boost or reduced bass.


Want to learn more? Our tutorial video may answer a few questions!




Can I use DJ Decks with these?


No, using DJ decks with the Mega Muteki will be at strong risk of being blown.

Check out our KingPin sound system equivalent instead!



Will this fit in my car?


Yes, Make sure your boot and back seats are empty. Ideally the back seats need to be put down. 2 People are reccomended to lift one of the 2 peices.



Is it easy to setup?


Absolutely, yes check out our tutorial video! It's only got one plug so pretty much plug in and play!

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