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Sound system (2)

Sound system (2)

  • 2x Large Speakers
  • 1x Large Subwoofer


Sound System (2) is our most popular setup for, dances and anything in a big area such as a hall or field. It is made to project sound over a long distance. With 2400watts in sound including 2x 15" DB Tech 600watt top speakers and a 18" B52 1200watt Subwoofer this will leave everyone with ringing ears in the morning. Comes with an aux cable.


Our party microphone's will only connect to one speaker at a time unless you hire a 2 channel + mixer too which allows for the microphone to play out of all the speakers. 1 speaker is more then enough for anyones speeches anyway and you sitll wouldn't even need to use it at the loudest setting! 


Tripods hire - $20

Coming Soon

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