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Ski Lodge


Winter/Spring collection/return hours. 7 June 2023 onwards. 

We are contactable almost 24/7 however.


  • Weeknight collections are from 7pm.

  • Friday night hires can be collected the night before (Thursday no extra cost.)


  • Friday night hire returns are due before 12pm Saturday.


  • Saturday night hires: You must create a collection appointment time Thursday night 2 days prior to your event. Most of the time there are free collections available the night before (Friday) however if the equipment is on another hire Friday night then a Saturday Collection would be from 6pm Saturday. After 6pm however is worse case scenario. Earlier self 'DIY' collections are also often available and instructions will be sent to you for operating the equipment.  

  • Depending on our other commitments to Saturday Sport, it is weather dependent and often cancelled which means we can do hires from 12pm Saturday. We will contact you to give you notice hires are available earlier.


  • Should you need to be guaranteed an earlier collection for your event we have weekend hire rates available which means you can have the equipment from Thursday night all the way through to Monday night. The cost of this is 1x nights hire cost +40%. (Example. $100 Speaker hire for 1x night + 40% extra = $140, a weekend hire)


  • Saturday night hire returns are not due back til Sunday or Monday night. Please book in a return time with us as there’s likely more drop-off time options available.


Last minute Saturday bookings: Are still available, please call!


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Response times may be upto 3 days, in evenings & weekdays and often at night. Please call should you not hear back or your hire is for tonight or tomorrow!

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