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DJ Decks

What are DJ decks for?

We Unless you are wanting to learn how to use decks over a

few days these are probably better left to the people with prior experience at your event

A DJ mixing console used by DJ's is used to play multiple audio channels simultaneously.  The purpose of this is that music can be blended in to make a seamless transition between songs. The controllers we have available require a laptop connection which either require the serato software, record box or traktor pro. The more premium decks such as the Pioneer CDJ series don't require a laptop and music can be put onto the decks using USB's


I want a normal Live Mixer  

If you need say more channels for multiple microphone and instrument inputs then a DJ mixer isn't what your after. You are after a live mixer. The benefits of the live mixer is that you can control the eq for every single input into the mixer and you can hire mixers that have channel inputs from 1 channel all the way up to a close as you'll ever need.

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