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Welcome to the home page for Christchurch's leading school ball/formal sound, lighting & DJ Hire service provider!

*** 2024 Formal Packages ***

Please contact us with your booking information and we will send you our 2024 school formal brochure with costs and example's of our services.

Watch our demo video below! 

We are a not your traditional background music service

We are a centre of attention entertainment service 

At Party Hire Christchurch we provide a different style of entertainment to the traditional ball/formal. Over the past 10 years we've found that as a result of being able to chat to anyone, anytime without physically meeting with someone, its at our best analysis attendee's of formal events are looking towards the music as the primary source of entertainment now rather then talking all night with some background music to set the vibe.

Formal events in the 21st century are being judged almost solely on the entertainment rather than the energy of the event attendee's.

So what are we doing differently?

We come with a sound & lighting production fit for a music festival & we plop ourselves in the centre of a room as opposed to a corner. We have found that the dance floor is no longer being treated as a dance floor but more a mosh pit with all eyes on the DJ as if it's a concert! 

Did you know, we travel not only around Canterbury but the entire South Island!

Our aim is to give students that American prom feel like we all see in the movies!

We can come meet with your ball Committee at your school!

Large Sound system 3.jpg


We love our speakers which are the backbone of our company. We never lack bass as the music of the 21st century is predominantly bass driven so without a good set of premium subwoofers you're not hearing all the music as Dr Dre would say. 

Dream formal setup_edited.jpg


We're always equiped with some of the latest lighting technology! Our lighting equipment is controlled by either the DJ or a dedicated lighting operator that uses specialised computer software to sync the lights with the music to put on awesome light shows and make the lights strobe for the big drops!

We always recommend a smoke machine for our events as it dramatically changes the atmosphere! Light beams can be seen shooting through the room!



Our DJ's specialise in reading the crowd to get an idea of what the majority want to hear! We play the songs that they know and we keep a motto that if they aren't singing it, they aren't enjoying it and that it's time to change that song!

We ask for an example of music prior to the event and any special requests you may have such as music for a prefects dance!

We aren't afraid to dabble into some of the current popular genres at the time too such as Drum & Bass.

As we're young DJ's we certainly aren't out of touch with whats hot right now!

Who are we?

We've been doing this since 2012!

When managing director Ben was just year 11 at high school he was DJ'ing other school balls with students older then he was! He saw that although he was was trying to keep it traditional he was pressured into playing the music the students really wanted to hear as well as the old classics like Abba! After a couple more balls preforming how the attendee's really wanted he found the word had got out to other schools and it was apparent at this stage he was going to be doing this more often and would need to start building an arsenal of equipment that truely reflected his performance (strobe lights, bassy speakers)

Fast forward to post pandemic times and the accidental business is going stronger then ever with more DJ companies around the country following suit for this new type of ball! 

Its not unheard of for students and even teachers to chant for 1 more song at the night's end! 

Schools we work with:

Christchurch boys high school

Christchurch girls high school

St Andrews College

St Bedes boys high school

Rangi Ruru girls school

Villa Maria college 

St Margarets College

Papanui high school

St Thomases College

Mount Hutt College

Riccarton High School

Kaiapoi High School

Darfeild High School

Multiple University Halls & Clubs

Schools we'd like to work with!

(We have a special deal for you!)

Hornby high school

Cashmere high school

Lincoln high school

Shirley boys high school

 Burnside high school

Avonside girls high school

Christ's College

STAC BALL party hire christchurc

We offer a premium ball Service

Rather than just the typical 2 speakers, a couple of olden day lights with a DJ plopped in the corner of a room, we provide a much more modern and centre of attention sound & lighting experience!

We are an entertainment service so quote matching is irrelevant. Every company is different. Some may charge half the amount but the equipment used might only equate to 10k worth. Where we might be using around 100k worth of equipment and only charging $500 more for the hire.

It’s about the experience!


See our example setup's below! 

Did you know we can make your formal event an afterMovie? 
Book one of our silver or gold formal packages and you can get a


AfterMovie made for your ball! 

See more Video's at our YouTube here or check out the video's on our facebook page Too! We make make lots of AfterMovies plus much more videos of lots of our events!








Let us make an AfterMovie of your special night! 

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Want to book now?

To make a booking or enquiry in order to receive our pricing & package offers brochure then click the green button at the bottom of the page below!


If you have your own DJ and are just wanting to create your own sound and lighting package then click here! From there you will just need to browse through our equipment hire web pages then send us the list of equipment your after for your event via the contact us tab in the menu bar and we'll take care of you from there!

Want us to provide the entire package including a venue, photobooth, photographer and much more? Then click here and have a look through our awesome AfterMovies of some of the events we could run on behalf of your school or organisation! 

2024 Formal Package prices 

Prices not including GST







Too inquire about booking and to see our 2023 school ball package brochure please get in contact with us now! Our brochure shows whats included in our packages and has heaps of information! Package prices don't work for you? Get in contact and we'll work a customisable offer out.

Our above prices is for production that uses computer controlled lighting. The packages also include a large sound system & upto 4 hours of a mainstream DJ

New non-computer controlled lighting packages for smaller budget events listed below.

Cheaper non-computer lighting controlled ball package

$1499 (week nights only)

Prices seem scary?

Break it down like this:


Average School Ball Ticket: $70

Biggest Expense: Food - often $30pp

Average formal attendees: 300

Gold package divided by attendees: $13 approx

Average movie ticket 90 minutes: $16

Formals in your life: 1-2

Level up your ball

All in 1 event Packages

We offer an all in 1 events package including things such as the Venue, Photographer, Photobooth, Sound, Lighting, Theming, Food, Drinks, DJ plus more!


Have your own DJ/Band?

If you have your own DJ/band & just want the Sound & Lighting production then see some of our options here. Or get in contact with us and we'll tailor make the best package to suit your budget!

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