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1w Cub Eclipse | 3D Rainbow laser

1w Cub Eclipse | 3D Rainbow laser

AVE's ECLIPSE Laser series delivers it's CLUB range, a Full coloured, high powered, ILDA & DMX compatible Laser system, this is one of the best and brightest Lasers we have come across

The CLUB range from the AVE ECLIPSE Series is built for a purpose, designed as the perfect Club laser show, the Full array of colours paired with the incredibly power laser diodes make for astoundingly bright vibrant colour. Perfect for a professional environment in need of some wow factor, the CLUB delivers its high powered beams from a completely sealed robust metal casing making it ideal to set and forget, with such an impenetrable casing system there is next to no maintenance issues with the CLUB range.

The Laser is DMX and ILDA compatible, enabling you for control in an existing DMX system, or with the help of some Laser software, you can have complete control over the lasers output, with some of the best quality high speed scanners the Laser light can produce crystal clear animation, logo, text and all kinds of patterns


Light can be used on a stand or stand free.

    $70.00 Regular Price
    $50.00Sale Price
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