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2 x Battery Powered PA Speaker

2 x Battery Powered PA Speaker

The JBL PartyBox 310 is perfect for weddings and events that don't have a power source!


Have it all weekend long for $161


Bluetooth & Aux Inputs


  • For use with phones/laptops
  • 1 speaker for upto 40 people
  • 2 speaker for upto 100 people


With upto 18 hours of battery (realistically 8 on full blast) on a single charge this speaker will be great for events such as weddings where the speakers need to be loud enough and clear enough but most importantly be stressless in regards to setting the speaker up and adding a microphone. With no cables nessacery this speaker requeires no time to set it up. Speakers can work while charging


Just turn the speaker on, connect your media through your blutetooth device and your away!


Plugging a microphone in? Just as simple! Just plug the mic into the mic input!


Add a wired microphone for $30

or 1x wireless microphone for $70


If your event will have more then 25 people in attendance then we reccomend 2 of these speakers. The 2 speakers can be paired together by a duel RCA cable which we will provide!


2 speakers are $120 including the pairing cable.

Order more than 1 of these and simply connect them all toghether!


Tripod Hire $10pp


Indoors & have access to power?

Look at our:

Mega Muteki Bluetooth Speaker

Bigger, better, louder (like alot louder! The PartyBox 310 speaker is still loud too)


Prices are inclusive of GST

Battery speakers not confirmed to come pre-charged

Coming Soon

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