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2x Mega Muteki

2x Mega Muteki

Sony Mega Muteki


  • For use with phones/laptops

  • upto 200 people


2x louder, 2x more bass, 2x the effect lighting & 2x the excitement compared to just having 1 of these. Pair them together and transform your house party from a party to a music festival! 


Standing at 170cm tall these speakers are the perfect speaker system for your indoor party! Easily connect your bluetooth device or even sign into your spotfify account direcetly through the screen built into the speaker! (bluetooth reccomened for simple use)  Although the speakers are 170cm tall they can be broken into 2 parts for transport. The speaker features alot of powerful bass and also has effect lighting that projects light patterns from the back of the speaker onto a wall.


Prices are inclusive of GST

(Video for 1 singular speaker)

Learn how to pair the 2 speakers on collection (If DIY)

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