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2x Large PA Speakers

2x Large PA Speakers

For use with dj decks & mixers, phones/laptops

Upto 90 people

(size up 'soundsystem 2' is good for 150 people + includes a subwoofer)


2x 15" DB Tech 600watt loud P.A. speaker and tripods (tripods available for $20 extra) suitable for an indoor and outdoor event that requires a really loud volume over a large area. Its super loud but is not made to be bassy like the other systems available (try sound system (2) to add some bass!). So if your playing the mainstream music on the radio this will be more suitable for your needs and a lot cheaper! Comes with an Aux cable - DIY setup (super easy plug in and play)


$20 for 2 Tripods

PriceFrom $135.00
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