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Best Party light for hire in Christchurch

Light Bar (8 in 1 Party Light)

Chauvet GigBAR Move - Most popular

Simple plug in and play! 


Used for many applications:

  • Parties
  • School disco's
  • Weddings 
  • Anything thats not a funeral!


See more below about the light that gives the biggest 'wow' factor!



  • 5-in-1 lighting effect system that includes moving heads, derbies, washes, a laser and strobe effect pre-mounted on a single bar. The light bar includes 8 total disco light features! 

  • Separate color and gobo wheels allow for creative programming

  • Totem Mode keeps the moving heads focused on the dance floor

  • Easy navigation and access to all functions, directly from the full-color LCD display

  • System includes a tripod.

  • Built-in UV LEDs illuminate florescent objects and make them pop

  • Individual control of each effect ensures your show looks the way you need it to

  • Easy control via stand-alone, DMX, wireless IRC-6 remote or wireless footswitch. 


  • Requires 1x wall plug outlet


What does each light feature do?


Wash Lighting

• Casts a wide angle of light
• Effectivly a bright light bulb that changes colours!

• illuminates the room

• Also known as mood lighting


• Creates exciting displays of colors and shapes
• Fills rooms from floor to ceiling with beams of
multi-colored light
• Ideal for filling large spaces and stages


• Creates thrilling effects with razor-sharp beams
• Provides a premium look for all applications
• Haze or fog achieves best results
• Suitable for a variety of situations, including
parties and clubs


• Cast shapes or "GOBOs" on the walls and floor

• Creates a beam light that mechanically moves around 
• Offer more advanced programming capabilities
• Great for pro-level application and presentations


Selected lighting fixures may be disabled via the controls. (Eg; laser can be turned off)


How easy is the setup?

Too easy! 

- Simply errect the tripod (3 seconds)

- Sit the (light bar on top (5 seconds)

- Connect the plug (5 seconds)

And away it goes! 


Common operational modes:

Most customers use the gigbar on a 'sound active mode'

This basically is a mode where the lights listen to the music and create a live light show for you! 


Note: Sometimes a remote maybe available with the GigBar hire however this is just a bonus if one is available. The remote battery life is not guaranteed.

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