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Chauvet Q-spot 260

Chauvet Q-spot 260

For large indoor rooms or outdoor venues (not weatherproof)

Ideally you want to be able to control this moving head fixture with a DMX controller/software.

Auto-mode is available but not that good! 

The Chauvet Q-SPOT 250 13-channel DMX-512 moving Head features 530 pan, 280 tilt, pan/tilt speed control, and mechanical dimmer/shutter/strobe. Color wheel features 7 colors + white and rainbow color spin at variable speeds. 3-facet high-speed rotating prism. Indexed rotating gobo wheel with 5 interchangeable rotating gobos (3 metal, 2 glass installed) + open, plus additional free gobos (4 metal, 1 glass), gobo wheel spin at variable speeds, Gobo Bounce, and gobo index and rotation control channel. Also features reset and lamp on/off via DMX, automatic pan/tilt correction, micro-stepping motors, LED display with invert, built-in programs, 16- or 18-bit movement resolution, 21 beam angle, and master/slave mode.

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