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Chauvet Smoke Machine (1L)

Chauvet Smoke Machine (1L)

  • Includes 1litre of premium fog fluid (extra litres $15)
  • Would challenge you to try use all the 1L fog fluid in 1 night! We've never seen it done. That should give you confidnece that the fluid will last all night.


The smoke machine has a button on the back to trigger the smoke. The smoke is only triggered when the button is held down. 


Smoke machines can smoke for around 10 seconds at a time then they can take another 10 seconds to recharge.


If you want a constant stream of smoke then check out our Chauvet Haze 3D Hazer (for houses or small clubrooms then the smoke machine is the best option)


*Disclaimer: Life span of a smoke machine is extremely unpredictable, please note there is the chance for the smoke machine to fail before or during your hire. Full refunds only would be issued in this case.



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