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Party Package 4

Party Pack (4)

Our most popular party package with a spectacular 8 in 1 party light plus the biggest bluetooth speaker you've ever seen! 


Have it all weekend long for $278.6!


  • Mega Muteki (Mega Large bluetooth sound system!)
  • Chauvet Gigbar Move (8 in 1 light combo + Remote) Super simple to setup!



This package is very popular with house parties, birthdays and 21st's more suitable for home use however still effective for halls if you want simple and easy!

Use this package if you plan on using a bluetooth device. 


Click here to see more info on the Mega Muteki speaker:


Click here to see more info on the Chauvet GigBar Move Light:




  • For use with phones/laptops
  • 1x Upto 80 people
  • 2x Upto 200 peope
  • DNB approved
  • Bluetooth
  • Easy 1 minute setup
  • Extra bass option button
  • Plug in a microphone
  • Fits in any car
  • Requires 1x wall plug outlet



Standing at 170cm tall this speaker is the perfect speaker system for your indoor party! Easily available to connect your bluetooth device or even sign into your spotfify account direcetly through the screen built into the speaker! Although the speaker is 170cm tall it can be broken into 2 parts for transport. The speaker features alot of powerful bass and also has effect lighting that projects light patterns our the back of the speaker onto the wall in your home.


The bass has 2 different levels of volume, Bass boost or reduced bass.


Want to learn more? Our tutorial video may answer a few questions!




Can I use DJ Decks with these?


No, using DJ decks with the Mega Muteki will be at strong risk of being blown.

Check out our KingPin sound system equivalent instead!



Will this fit in my car?


Yes, Make sure your boot and back seats are empty. Ideally the back seats need to be put down. 2 People are reccomended to lift one of the 2 peices.



Is it easy to setup?


Absolutely, yes check out our tutorial video! It's only got one plug so pretty much plug in and play!




Light Bar (8 in 1 Party Light)

Chauvet GigBAR Move - Most popular

Simple plug in and play! 


Used for many applications:

  • Parties
  • School disco's
  • Weddings 
  • Anything thats not a funeral!


See more below about the light that gives the biggest 'wow' factor!



  • 5-in-1 lighting effect system that includes moving heads, derbies, washes, a laser and strobe effect pre-mounted on a single bar. The light bar includes 8 total disco light features! 

  • Separate color and gobo wheels allow for creative programming

  • Totem Mode keeps the moving heads focused on the dance floor

  • Easy navigation and access to all functions, directly from the full-color LCD display

  • System includes a tripod.

  • Built-in UV LEDs illuminate florescent objects and make them pop

  • Individual control of each effect ensures your show looks the way you need it to

  • Easy control via stand-alone, DMX, wireless IRC-6 remote or wireless footswitch. 


  • Requires 1x wall plug outlet


What does each light feature do?


Wash Lighting

• Casts a wide angle of light
• Effectivly a bright light bulb that changes colours!

• illuminates the room

• Also known as mood lighting


• Creates exciting displays of colors and shapes
• Fills rooms from floor to ceiling with beams of
multi-colored light
• Ideal for filling large spaces and stages


• Creates thrilling effects with razor-sharp beams
• Provides a premium look for all applications
• Haze or fog achieves best results
• Suitable for a variety of situations, including
parties and clubs


• Cast shapes or "GOBOs" on the walls and floor

• Creates a beam light that mechanically moves around 
• Offer more advanced programming capabilities
• Great for pro-level application and presentations


Selected lighting fixures may be disabled via the controls. (Eg; laser can be turned off)


How easy is the setup?

Too easy! 

- Simply errect the tripod (3 seconds)

- Sit the (light bar on top (5 seconds)

- Connect the plug (5 seconds)

And away it goes! 


Common operational modes:

Most customers use the gigbar on a 'sound active mode'

This basically is a mode where the lights listen to the music and create a live light show for you! 


Note: Sometimes a remote maybe available with the GigBar hire however this is just a bonus if one is available. The remote battery life is not guaranteed.

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